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Thank You for visiting us!

Your personal history is important. Your photographs should be both beautiful and meaningful to you and your family.

The W&W team is known throughout the Southeast for creating timeless and dramatic wedding images that let you relive the joy and excitement of your wedding day.

Weddings Magazine Fashion 2014

Charleston Engagement Session

Love Notes

Everyone enjoys getting a nice little note letting them know that they are appreciated.  The image above is a screen capture from James’ phone.  We received this one yesterday and it made us all warm inside as if we drank a big mug of hot chocolate a little too fast.

We walk into every wedding knowing that the photos we create are important now, but even more so years from now.  Therefore, they should be timeless , evocative and most of all, authentic to the people and the stories they represent.

Thank you Lea and Sean for the great experience.  Thank you for sharing with us what those images mean to you.  We look forward to creating the album that you’ll be sharing with your grandkids a few decades from now.


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Giving Back- Flashes of Hope

James photographs weddings, environmental portraits, commercial projects and that’s pretty much it.  He leaves most all other types of photography (read, families, babies, landscapes, boudoir) to others.  EXCEPT when it comes to his favorite nonprofit organization Flashes of Hope.  A few times a year, James has the good fortune to travel to UNC hospital’s pediatric cancer center to set up a makeshift studio in the break room of the children’s treatment clinic.20090504_flashesofhope_port_136 20110923_foh_com_022

One day each month that Flashes sets up at the hospital, the children come in to the outpatient clinic for treatment with their families and have no idea that they will have the opportunity to have photographs of their family and children made free of charge.  At first, most parents resist the idea of being in the photos while at the same time pushing their kid(s) into the room with all of their might.  Even in a time of stress for their family, parents value photographs and eventually come around to being involved in the portraits.  Even if the parents are adamant that they only want the kids in the photos, James often asks them to contribute their arms, or a leg to be a supportive presence in the image.

“What I want to achieve with these portraits is a sense of strength and optimism.  I want to show that the kids are so much more than simply sick children battling an illness.  They’re still kids.  Silly, moody, curious, energetic kids.  It’s also extremely important to involve the family in some way so that years from now, when they look at these images, they’ll see that they were not alone.  There were others around them who loved them and helped comfort them through a rough time in their life. -James”

20120118_foh_port-060 20090504_flashesofhope_port_043



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Meet- James Walters

James has been fascinated with stopping time with photographs for as long as he can remember.  In fact, his first photography award was in a national PTA art contest in 11th grade.  His image won first place in the nation and the thrill of the experience helped him decide that creating images for others to enjoy would be how he would spend his life.  He left college in the mid 90s with a degree in commercial photography and has been behind the camera ever since.

Spending his first ten years working in a commercial studio, James had the opportunity to photograph everything from, apparel, celebrities and more types of products than you would wish to hear about.  It was in this period that he really explored and perfected his favorite lighting techniques and began to develop his personal photographic style.

He is still sought after to work on special commercial and editorial projects for wedding magazines, though in the last decade has shifted his focus exclusively to photographing weddings.  His true interest has always been photographing people and beautiful places.  Weddings are the perfect fit to blend James’ love of photographing people in new different situations and using the world as his studio to create polished and dramatic imagery.

“I’m a visual artist using the medium of the still image to help people tell the stories that make up their personal history and contribute to their legacy. I see it as important work.”

When not behind the camera James enjoys exploring the world with his family, reading and writing books and serving the events industry as board member of the Triangle chapter of the National Association of Catering and Events.  You might also find him roaming the streets of his favorite coastal towns of Wilmington, NC and Charleston, SC where he goes to enjoy the Southern charm and hospitality.

To learn a great deal more than you ever hoped, stop by



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Are We Right for Each Other?

Remember the moment that thought flashed through your mind about the person you are planning to marry?  It’s a pretty important question.  One that’s so much easier to answer when you have met or at least talked to that other person.  Right? Getting to know someone is a fundamental part of deciding whether you would enjoy spending more time with them in the future.

Imagine a courtship that begins with an email from your potential partner requesting your college transcripts, Meyers-Briggs evaluation and most recent tax return.  That’s a “sweep-you-off-your-feet” level of romance right there.

Funny thing is, we receive emails every day from busy brides-to-be that simply say “Are you available for my date? If so, please send pricing.”

Woah there! Let’s slow things down just a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re flattered.  There are hundreds, probably thousands of other photographers you could have reached out to.  You chose to send W&W a note and while it certainly makes us all tingly with excitement, this thing we’re talking about, this documenting of your personal history is so much more than simply a transaction.  At least it is to us.

Wedding photography is a team sport and you would be on our team just as much as we would be a part of yours.  You need to know that we are legit professionals who can get the job done and we need to know that you’re not that girl on the reality show our Moms keep warning us about.  That seems best accomplished by talking with each other.

We only mention all of this because of our five core truths, we consider the last one to be the most important for W&Ws long term legacy.  So lets connect on the phone or in person and make sure we’re a good fit before we get deep into details.  Yes, it’s old school, but so is wearing a wedding dress and we’ve never had a bride pass that one up.

W&W Core Truth #5

” Our clients become a part of our history and our family…

…Let’s choose each other carefully.”


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Watch James Work Behind the Scenes

I recently got together again with our good friends from Bunn DJ Company to create their 2014 marketing images.

How do you light a large group of people, yet make them look as though they are individually lit? This video shows the post production part of the process 1000% faster than the compositing actually happened.

What it can’t show you though, is the hours of pre-production necessary to pull off an image like this. So often, folks think that great images are quickly and easily created by great photographers as if by magic. Unfortunately, when your goal is to achieve dramatic results, there’s no such thing as quick or easy.

While I’m already up here on this soap box,  there’s really no such thing as a great photographer. Just ones who put in the time and embrace complexity enough to bring a sense of magic to those who view their images.


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Accessory to Marriage

Weddings can be compared to elaborate theatrical productions where the guests see only what they are supposed to. Behind the scenes, however, it’s not always this perfect portrait of marital bliss. Just ask the wedding photographer. In Accessory to Marriage: A Chronicle of Outrageousness from my Life as a Wedding Photographer, James Walters answers the question he’s so often asked: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding?”

His hysterical memoir is certain to satisfy the fascination most of us hold with the jaw-dropping misadventures that often occur on the big day, and that most guests rarely see. With humor, candor, and a perfect dose of sarcasm, this side-splitting look at outlandish behavior will coax a genuine smile out of anyone who has ever wondered what is really going on behind the scenes. As emotions run perilously high, those involved in this most special of all days are frequently teetering on the edge between creating their dream come true, and a complete hysterical meltdown. And it’s not only the domain of the so-called bridezilla.

From the drama queen grandmother to the opinionated best friend, there’s usually one culprit in any crowd that can upend the most elegant of affairs. If you’re a bride to be, you will get the inside scoop on the top thirteen things you can expect to happen on your wedding day. You’ll learn straight from a beauty queen how to look great and maximize wedding dress cleavage. James also reveals which prescription drugs to avoid just before the ceremony and gives candid insights on the myriad subplots that weave themselves throughout every celebration.

Walters also offers his own Jimmy Code language to identify common wedding characters, such as the Triple D, Fluffy, or the dreaded Crazy S.O.B. (it’s not what you think) You’ll discover why the letter ‘G’ is the most important letter in the alphabet for a wedding photographer, and find out some of the most outrageous things he’s overheard in his fifteen years back stage with the “casts and crews” from several hundred weddings past. From the trouble with horses to morning sickness and wedding crashers, attempting to create perfection always brings the potential for serious blunders, and a few hearty laughs. James Walters has seen it all, and offers you a peak through his lens that will forever change the way you experience the next wedding you attend.

Want a copy?  You can order yours HERE


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